Overview CarbookPlus:

Maintaining a vehicle log has never been easier. Use CarbookPlus to track your trips the easy way using GPS. The app creates and updates your logbook as you and your fellow drivers use the vehicle. 

The fuel station search feature lets you get to the nearby and cheapest fuel stations easily and track the latest fuel costs.


Create a clear logbook of trips for all you vehicles. You can generate printed reports for tax savings, accounting or business reimbursement purposes.

Track your expenses such as fuel, parking and tolls.

Create Incident Reports for claiming insurance. A rich intuitive UI guides you to enter the required info. An incident report is generated and can be sent to the user's email as a pdf file. The report is of the standard European format.

Upcoming features will allow you to receive news and daily updates about danger spots or points of interests, such as speed cameras. 

This App uses GPS, even when it runs in the background. This can dramatically reduce battery life. We recommend that during tracking of trips, the device be connected to the car power supply for charging.

Visit us on www.carbookplus.com for more information.