Why is my tracked trip not visible in the Logbook?

The trip will be listed in the "Unreviewed trips" section. Here you can review and edit the trip. Once approved, this trip will appear in the Logbook.

Why is my trip not getting automatically tracked even though the Bluetooth option is turned ON?

For the automatic tracking with Bluetooth to function smooth, make sure that the following steps are followed:

1. Under Menu-> settings->Tracking settings->Bluetooth control ->From the list of paired devices select the car bluetooth->assign it to the correct vehicle from the list shown. (Screenshots)

2. Make sure the connection to the car bluetooth is established when the car is turned on. - If the connection is not triggered, turn the Phone Bluetooth ON once more.

          Please Note 1: Users with Huawei Smartphones: 

We have found some peculiarities with the tracking behavior especially for this model. Taking these precautions will definitely ensure smooth tracking. (Thanks to the inputs from our live users)

1. GPS / Location Settings: Please choose the "GPS only" mode ON. 

2. If the App gives an alert and the GPS is turned ON, it overrides this setting to "High precision mode" - causing problems during tracking. especially when you enter a Wi-Fi zone which your phone has access to. So that this does not happen, ensure the GPS settings are ON to begin with :)

Note 2: While tracking, if the battery power is low - power save mode is turned ON. The device itself blocks the location services (mobile GPS) . So tracking will be inaccurate / break.

For any further concerns here: please email us and we will gladly help you.

Why isn't the tracking stopping when I have completed my trip?

When tracking is automatically started, it should also stop automatically. Manual stopping is also an option. But when tracking is started manually, it has to be stopped manually.

Tracking can be manually stopped on the Driving mode Screen or in the notification bar. But depends on the tracking method: 

Ever since I am using CarbookPlus and have the  Bluetooth option ON, I am not able to make telephone calls or receive them. Why?

This might be because the Bluetooth is connected as speaker profile. So, the call's volume will be routed to Bluetooth. Please try changing the source during the call from Bluetooth to headset.

How can I change my email address? My current email is going to change soon.

 Please email us your new email address and we will change it in the backend. The user cannot change his email address himself.

German users use a "comma" and not a "dot" in numbers. I do not see a "comma" option on my Keyboard. What do I do to enter costs?

Some Samsung Smartphones, have the problem where the comma is not available as an input option. Please use the "dot" instead and our App will save it correctly and take care that the displayed value has a "comma".

I want to delete a vehicle in my vehicle list. Where do I do this?Menu - > My Vehicles -> select the vehicle you want to delete - > Delete icon on the RH top corner. Note: There is a warning message that appears to confirm the action.

How do I edit my CurrentODO / Kilometerstand. I have made a mistake and want to undo this. Or how can I set up my vehicle all over again?

Vehicle Odo edit feature is provided via Checkpoints. Menu-> Logbook->click on the checkpoint where you want to edit the Odo->The edit screen appears. Read more: Checkpoints.

I have 5 vehicles in CarbookPlus. Is there an option to change which vehicle I see on the home screen?Yes. By default the car shown on the homepage is the last used car. This can be changed by clicking on the car - where a list of other cars added in the system appear. Just select the vehicle you want to see.  What do I need to do in order to track my trip automatically? How does this work?On the menu -> Settings -> Tracking Settings -> simply turn ON either the Bluetooth or the Auto detection option. - For more Info read the Tracking Settings

Why am I not able to approve my Unreviewed Trip? I see a "Pending synchronization" message. and only an option to delete the trip.

Although rare, this happens when a person's trip couldn't be synchronized with server at all after several attempts.  Mostly, it fixes by itself in one of the next attempts. 

Why do I not see my car Model for e.g.: Hyundai Santro?The list of vehicles is constantly growing and some models may not be added in our database.  Please let us know (simply contact us/ raise a ticket here) your car make and model and we will add it for you.