You download the CarbookPlus App by clicking here

Once you install the app on your Smartphone, you will see the CarbookPlus icon. When you click here, the login/registration screen appears. You can either register using an existing social-provider account, or create a new CarbookPlus account. Once the login/registration is successful,  you get the "Terms and Conditions" page which you have to agree to. This takes you to the Home Screen of the App where you could check out all the features provided and add your Vehicle details.The flow is illustrated below:

If you have already added your Vehicle details, upon logging in, you are directly taken to the vehicle details screen with latest information like that last place the vehicle was parked. When you have more than one vehicle added, the vehicle shown on the home screen is the one marked as the "default". Note that you can change the default vehicle at any time on the home screen, by swiping on the home screen to the desired vehicle. The Menu on the home page looks as shown below: Each one of these functionalities is explained in the next topics.