Tracking Settings

Tracking settings can be accessed from the Home Screen (Dashboard) or from the main menu. 


The following tracking options are available:

  • Tracking with the CarbookPlus OBD device: Using the CarbookPlus OBD (On Board Diagnostic) device is the most reliable and accurate method to track trips.  Please note: Any other OBD device is not compatible with the CarbookPlus App.
  • Manual Tracking: Option that relies on manual intervention for starting and stopping trips.
  • Automatic tracking: Relies on the mobile phone sensors or Bluetooth mechanism to track trips.
    • Auto tracking with Bluetooth
    • Auto tracking using mobile sensors

Which tracking option best suits my needs?

We recommend tracking using the CarbookPlus-OBD device, because of the reliability it offers. Trips tracked will not require further edits, and is so easy to maintain.

However, if you are happy to manually start and stop your trips diligently, then this method is for you. As long as you do not forget to do this, your trips will not require any further edits. Please note that you could select a location to manually start a trip using the below options:
1. Select Location From saved "Favorites"
2. Select your current location
3. Select Location using Google picker

Further, if you choose not to use the OBD device and still want trips to be tracked without any manual intervention, go for the automatic tracking option.Trips need to be watched once a while, because here the reliability depends on the chosen method.

All these methods of tracking are briefly explained below:

Tracking with the CarbookPlus OBD device: This method requires you to have a CarbookPlus OBD-Device.  You may order your CarbookPlus-OBD device online. The OBD-ID is available on the box which needs to be entered in the App. (Note for iOS users: you can simply scan this OBD-ID too). The device then needs to be connected to the OBD port of the vehicle. The OBD device configuration will be taken care before it is being shipped, so no further set up is necessary.

When the user clicks the OBD option, he has the option to either buy it online, if he doesn't have one, or he can directly enter/scan the OBD ID (present on the box):

This OBD ID can be updated/removed too:

Auto tracking using mobile sensors: This method relies on the mobility sensors available on the Smartphone. The sensitivity of these sensors may vary on each device. The tracked trips however at times, may not be 100% to your satisfaction.

For e.g.: During the course of a trip, when the car has stopped at the traffic signal for a long time, the tracking stops. When the car starts moving again, there may be a lag before which the sensor picks up the movement again. This will be evident in the recorded trips list, where the user can then make suitable edits. Our App prompts him with useful hints to make sure a gap-less log is generated.

False starts – when the phone sensors detect some ad-hoc movement and records this as a trip. – Such trips are programmed to be cleaned up automatically in the App. (If they do end up in the recorded trips list, it can be deleted by the user).


Automatic tracking using Bluetooth : This method relies on the Bluetooth coupling between the phone and the Car. It is important here, to remember to turn the Bluetooth in the car ON before starting to drive.

Problems of a false start or a delayed start in the tracking does not apply in this case.

When compared to the tracking using OBD, this method still relies on the fact that the Bluetooth is turned ON. And also, the battery and data consumption, though optimized, is present.

For iOS users:

Please see the screens below. Under Menu -> settings - >Tracking settings -> Automatic tracking ->choose Bluetooth option -> select available beacon (small bluetooth device). The list of supported beacons are shown. Select one and the app scans to find the respective bluetooth signal, once found, select the device - provide a name and save. This maps the vehicle with the beacon and the app starts tracking automatically, soon as the connection is established.

 If you cannot find your beacon listed, you may add it, by clicking on the "+" icon on the right hand top corner.

The beacon add/update configuration is shown on the screen below:

For Android users:

Under Menu -> settings - >Tracking settings -> Automatic tracking ->choose Bluetooth option -> select a paired Bluetooth device -> click enable button, as shown in the following screens.

Please note: Internet connectivity is required to synchronize the offline recorded data with the App - So when you wish to see the latest trip details in your LogBook, please ensure that you have Internet connectivity.