S***! a rear-end collision! With CarbookPlus one can quickly record this or any unforeseen incidents. The Incident Reports feature of CarbookPlus lets the user do exactly this. Record any incidents so that it can be used for insurance claims later on. The following screens show how this can be done and the wide range of options available for the user.

The incident report can be accessed from two places: 

1. Directly on the home page as shown:

2. From the Main Menu->Incident reports.

The incident report can be created and  viewed on the "Incident Reports" screen for a particular vehicle as shown: Lists any previous incidents, which can be edited (simply click on it) and has an option to add an incident by clicking the "+" icon. 

1. Report an Incident Screen: Here, the user can quickly enter and save the most important information first (for e.g. the incident image, and other Party contact info) . Later, other fields (self-information) can be completed to create a complete incident report. 

Note: One's license details and Insurance details can be pre-saved in the App (see section: License Details and see  Insurance-Information) - which will be pre-populated while creating a new incident report. 

As would any standard incident report have, the following details can be entered: Hints are displayed when the little "i" icon is clicked for each section of the report.

Incident Details - As evident from the icons, a user can draw, sketch and capture images related to the incident and enter the location and time. 

Draw Sketch:

A rich intuitive user interface allowing the user to make a rough sketch of the situation. 

Location and Date:



Location Images and Accident Images:

Vehicle A  - details about oneself - since this is known to the user, can be even entered later. 

Here the icon Insurance policy - shows the data if the user has already saved his insurance info in the screen: Insurance-Information:

Driver icon: If the user is the owner of the vehicle, then the "I am the Policyholder" on/off toggle is visible - which will pre-populate the fields from the user profile. Otherwise, current user details will be pre-populated. The tick mark saves the form.

Circumstances Icon - a standard list displayed with multi-select option as shown:

Initial Impact Point - a self explanatory screen where this can be indicated.

Vehicle B - details of the other party involved in the incident. This is again important and must be quickly recorded. There is therefore a quick entry form provided as shown:

Of course one can also enter detailed info such as the following: 

Policy holder:


Vehicle Info:



Insurance company:


Initial Impact Point:

Driver - even here the toggle functions similar as explained earlier. (here, the pre-loaded info is what was newly entered in the Policy holder form for Vehicle B.)


The Summary of the Report can be viewed at anytime during the creation by clicking the Save icon on the Add/Edit Incident screen. Report Summary screen provides a rough preview of the report. Once signed the report can be then uploaded on our servers, by clicking on the cloud icon as shown here.

Note: In order to view the generated incident report: Menu->Incident Reports - >Select an incident-> Edit Incident Screen

Here, click the menu on top (marked in red). Options to view/email can be seen. The report conforms to the European standard. This can be emailed as a pdf file also by clicking on the arrow icon on the Generated Report screen. See below:

Delete an Incident report:

Simply swipe the incident to be deleted as shown and confirm.