Adding and Editing a Vehicle:

One can add and edit vehicle details. An overview of all the vehicles can be seen on the Vehicle list page. The "+" button highlighted in red below, takes you to the add a new vehicle screen. If you click on any particular vehicle, you get its overview, where you can see the odometer, total number of trips and the mileage information at a glance. Below this is the Insurance section, where the vehicle insurance details can be saved. (see section: Vehicle Insurance). The last section shows any additional drivers for the vehicle. You can edit vehicle info by clicking the pen icon marked in red below. This flow is illustrated here:

Additionally, when a user wants to become a driver for a particular car, when he enters the License/Registration number on the Add/Edit vehicle screen, he sees a pop-up message asking him if he wants to become a driver. The Owner then sees the driver info on his vehicle profile screen. Read more on the Driver Invite section.

Adding a Vehicle:

Editing a Vehicle:

Deleting a Vehicle:

Menu ->My Vehicles->select the vehicle to delete->on the RH top corner one can see the delete (bin) icon. Simply click on this. The user gets a caution message for confirmation. The delete icon will not appear in the following scenarios:

1. If the user is not an owner of the vehicle

2. If the vehicle has been transferred

3. If the user is an owner, but has only one vehicle added. :)

Delete option removes the vehicle completely from the DB, along with any trips associated with it.

Deactivate option only disables any further activity, the older trips are still visible in the Logbook.