This new feature on the main menu, allows for adding your vehicle related expenses. These are categorized as: Fuel, Parking, Toll, Car wash, Insurance, Service, Fines, Tax, Dining/Food, Others.

Please see the screen below:

To add Fuel Expenses, say for e.g.: a user selects the Fuel icon as shown marked in red. The Add Expenses screen (for each category - named Add Fuel, Add Parking etc..) allows the user to either manually enter the expenses, or he can conveniently choose to attach a photo of the respective bill/receipt. When he chooses to attach the photo, CarbookPlus reads the contents of the bill using OCR and pre-populates the fields. It is important for the image processing service that the bill is clear and not crumpled. When the scan is successful, the corresponding fields on the screen automatically show the bill data as illustrated below:

 Case 1:  Fuel Expense (attach picture illustrated)

The user can choose to take a picture of the receipt from the phone camera and can crop the image accurately - see the images below.

Once the image is successfully attached, CarbookPlus reads the contents and fills the respective data in the fields on the screen. The user needs to only select his vehicle and set the location. 

Case 2 : Parking Expense - (manual entering illustrated) - is quite straight forward. Here one can see the parking duration field.

Optionally, you can specify the fuel station where you fueled up. Similarly, you can tag a location on the map, where any other expenses were incurred.

This is illustrated in the figure below:

Expenses can also be added from the Home screen, as shown: