Easily transfer the vehicle ownership using the vehicle transfer feature. The screens below show how this is done:

User 1 selects the vehicle he wants to transfer and selects the Transfer option on the Menu. He then searches the name/email of the other user he wants to transfer to. On click of the tick mark, a message appears that the transfer request is successfully sent. 

The other user then receives a notification. Here when the user accepts the request, the vehicle ownership is transferred and the user can see the vehicle in his vehicle profile screen. Of course the user can simply decline the request. The user that originated the transfer gets the notifications accordingly.

The screen shots below show the push notifications and the notifications on App received by the user who originated the transfer:

Notice that the original owner can see the vehicle now grayed out. 

When the grayed out vehicle is selected, the user can see the Transfer Completed status. The menu options for deleting the vehicle etc are no longer available.