Getting Started:

Once you register on our Fleet platform, you arrive at the view fleets / create Fleet section for the very first time. Thereafter, you land on the Admin console or the Fleet Management Dashboard, available currently in EN and DE languages. This is your own Admin portal where you can create and manage your fleet.  The first steps:

  • Create and /or Add vehicles to your fleet.
  • Invite team members to join your fleet: there are 4 roles that you can define, depending on the tasks they are permitted to carry out – drivers, accountant, fleet manager, fleet admin. Note that all team members can access the Admin console. Depending on the role of the logged-in user in the context of the Fleet, certain restrictions  apply.  For e.g. A driver cannot add other drivers to the fleet, etc.
  • Assign drivers to vehicles and you are all set!

Fleet Management Dashboard:

The fleet manager can see the entire fleet info at a glance. – Number of vehicles, drivers, total costs and distance covered.

A visual report of the trips in terms of how much distance was covered over a period of time is displayed.

List of all the vehicles are seen, and there is an option to add a vehicle or create a vehicle anew. List of drivers, with a search driver option. The driver list is in the descending order of who has covered the maximum distance or most number of trips.

The notification icon: Displays all alerts generated as part of the fleet workflow, such as geo fence breach and other event notifications for e.g. when a team member has accepted the invite sent by the fleet manager to join the fleet as a driver. 

The profile icon on the right hand top corner takes you to the multi fleet management section.