Vehicle List

All the vehicles are listed so that the fleet manager can see a brief overview of each vehicle and can access the logbook, view on Map for live tracking, or remove from fleet. Vehicles can be added or created anew. If for some reason the latest updates on the screen are not seen, the Refresh – button can be clicked to force an update. Filter options (Available and Pending vehicles) – indicates the status of a vehicle. For e.g. when a vehicle is added to the fleet by the vehicle owner, the fleet manager has to accept the request, before it becomes available for any assignments.

Add a vehicle:

The vehicles that are already registered with CarbookPlus can be added. The vehicle owner receives a notification request (via email/phone/both depending on the available contact info) that his/her vehicle is added to the fleet by the fleet manager. He/She has the option to accept/decline this. The Fleet manager also has the option to accept /decline any pending inivitations too. Declined / pending vehicles are not available for any further fleet operations.

Create a new vehicle:

When a fleet manager creates a new vehicle it automatically becomes a part of fleet.

Overview of the vehicle:

One can update the vehicle details, add drivers, or assign as current driver, remove drivers, view the Logbook or print it, track the vehicle live, manage expenses, update insurance details and set up reminders and geo fences. Quick details including the last parked location is displayed on one side.

Add / Remove Driver for the vehicle:

 List of drivers are shown with options to remove driver / assign as current driver when you mouse-over each entry. When you click the add driver button, the list of all fleet drivers displayed. Click on the “+” icon to add the driver.  In the “team management” section, you can send invites to additional members with “driver” role defined. Only those members who have accepted the invites and registered with CarbookPlus are displayed in the list.

Remove driver for a vehicle: