In order to register a new fleet, follow the below steps:

1. Go to the url

2. Click on “Sign Up” seen on the right top corner

3. On the Sign Up page displayed, enter the required details and click submit.

4. You will be taken to the page that requests you to verify your E-Mail address or mobile number.

5. Click on any of the options (Email/SMS/IVR) displayed to verify your identity. A page to enter an OTP will be displayed.

6. You will receive an OTP via E-Mail/SMS/IVR based on the option chosen. Enter the OTP (that you receive  according to the chosen mode of verification) on the page displayed and hit “Verify”

7. Once your E-Mail/Mobile number is successfully verified, a success message is displayed, and you are requested to login with your credentials.

8. On the login page, on entering valid credentials, you are taken to the screen where a new fleet could be created.

9. Click on “Create new fleet

10. On the “New Fleet Registration” page that is displayed, enter all the requested details and click on save.

The new fleet is successfully created and the same is displayed under “My Fleets

On clicking on the newly created fleet, you are redirected to the Dashboard page where you could continue with adding vehicles to your newly created fleet.