One of the main value-add that CarbookPlus offers is its electronic logbook - where your trip information is logged and automatically updated and where you get an overview of all your recent trips. The following CarbookPlus functions illustrate how easily this works:

1. Track one's trips. - Trips can either be automatically tracked (under Settings -> Enable Auto detection to configure Auto tracking) or the "Start trip" indication at the bottom of the home screen can be clicked to start tracking manually. Tracking inherently uses the GPS mechanism. Note how conveniently the user can click on the fuel stations icon on the "Driving mode" screen to see the fuel stations on the way. The trips are saved in the list of "Unreviewed trips" which can be reviewed and edited/deleted. Here the "i" icon quickly indicates if there is any missing/required info such as "the trip purpose". Once the trip is approved, it appears in the logbook. Any discrepancy between two trips is immediately evident to the user in the Logbook, where the "i" indicates "Trip Issues". Useful hints help the user to correct these - for e.g.: as seen here in the "Trip issues" screen. Edit icon leads to the Edit trip screen, where the missing / erroneous info can be respectively entered or corrected. 

Please note: Unreviewed Trips - shows all the trips for a particular user, for all his cars/vehicles.

The entire flow is depicted in the picture below:


2. Add a trip manually - CarbookPlus allows you to add trips in the Logbook by clicking the "+" icon. (marked in red). This takes you to the "Pick start location" screen. You must enter the Start and End locations of your trip. Notice how you have the option of either entering an address of a particular location or just choose on the map! 

The driver names as well as vehicle list are available for selection as well. (marked in red below)

Other optional trip details can be updated by clicking on the "More Info" at the bottom of the "Add Trip" page as shown here (also marked in red) :

You will be prompted to tap on the tick mark on the right-hand top corner of the page. once clicked, you get notified that a trip is successfully added. Additional trips can be added by clicking the "+" button as and where needed in the logbook. The entire flow is illustrated here:


Marking Favorites: This interesting feature lets you mark your home address, work address and other places of interest as your favorites. Notice the heart icon placed along the end of a location address. This is where you click to set the particular location as your favorite.


The following logbook screen gives an overview of latest trips from up close: 




3. Print: For claiming mileage and expenses made for business, the logbook provides an easy report that can be used as a trip reimbursement report. The digital logbook can be printed, emailed or saved into a pdf file for any period of your choice.