What's New:

At CarbookPlus, there is something new happening always. There are new features made available almost every other week. 

This section quickly introduces the user to the new features available in the new version releases. Useful hints are also made available to the user, when he accesses  a feature for the very first time.


Tracking Settings:

Users can choose one of the following options for automatic tracking. Each of the options has its unique features, so it is up to the user to choose what suits him best. 

Automatic Detection option: This method relies on the mobility sensors available on the Smartphone. The sensitivity of these sensors may vary on each device. The tracked trips however at times, may not be 100% to your satisfaction.

 For e.g.:

  • During the course of a trip, when the car has stopped at the traffic signal for a long time, the tracking stops. When the car starts moving again, there may be a lag before which the sensor picks up the movement again. This will be evident in the unreviewed trips list, where the user can then make suitable edits. Our App prompts him with useful hints to make sure a gap-less log is generated.
  • False starts – when the phone sensors detect some ad-hoc movement and record this as a trip. – Such trips are programmed to be cleaned up automatically in the App. (If they do end up in the un-reviewed list, it can be deleted by the user).

Under such situations you could use Bluetooth based trigger for tracking.

Automatic Bluetooth detection: This method relies on the Bluetooth coupling between the phone and the Car. It is important here, to remember to turn the Bluetooth in the car ON before starting to drive. You could map your paired device to relevant vehicle, if it already doesn’t map correctly.

Please see the screens below. Under Menu -> settings - >Enable Bluetooth -> Select a paired Bluetooth device -> assign the correct

As already mentioned, problems of a false start or a delayed start in the tracking does not apply in this case.